I don speak English, I no understand englis nd I read docoment, instal script! but no Wark!

Sorry to say this but if you don’t understand English then it will be extremely difficult for you to install and use this script as its complete core system developed using English language. Though script works 100% as advertised and you can see a video demo here and can try out live demo here. Also, it will be extremely difficult for us to understand your problem and the words that you will be typing to us in the ticket system. We having international customers and we only use English language here. You can try using translator app but we won’t recommend it as we don’t know how things will turns out. But some customer randomly appears with too many objections and starts whining that our script installation does not work for them and starts spamming our support ticket system with blah blah things in broken English language! This causes a lot of trouble for us and slows down the support priority. But when we analyzed their system and server to identify the actual problem, we see that customer himself failed to read our script documentation and didn’t do the installation properly. Like overridden .htaccess file from Cpanel and deleting our script one. Didn’t whitelist email verifier pro in mod_security. Claiming that script scans do not work, but he didn’t even check if his VPS was capable of scanning under port 25. We have added a lot of common issues fixes and troubleshooting information and explained in-depth features configurations within documentation. But if you still fail to understand how it works because of your poor command of language then I am not sure if it will be a failure of us. So we humbly request you to get an interpreter or someone who understands technical terms written in English documentation for explaining you in your language. Though we may introduce multi-language in the future as we gradually grow.

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