License Warnings

Sometimes users may face license warnings and apache server-side errors for improper installation and configuration of email verifier pro if not followed by installation documentation exactly, it can occur based on several security detections on our license checker. Which is completely automated and generated through security applications. But there’s nothing to be afraid of as we have left some guides on why this may happen and how to resolve them.

Warning Type Possible Issue & Fix
Warning Code: 101 — Your domain not match with your license key! This key is already registered on a domain and you are trying to activate on a domain where this key do not belong. You have to deregister key from old domain first before you can install it on a new domain.
Warning Code: 102 — License misconfigured. Please contact with EVP Support! There is something that went wrong with your license configuration. If your script support still active then contact EVP Support. So we can investigate the issue.
Warning Code: 103 — No Response Found. Please contact with EVP Support! All connections over licenses are now passed through the encrypted protocol on EVP. So if your installation not using a proper SSL/HTTPS connection and not forcing HTTPS on domain level then this issue is very common to appear. So make sure your domain using HTTPS forced and no connection passing through HTTP/Insecure. You can modify this from our .htaccess file on public_html path. Though from EVP 3.0 .htaccess is already allowed with HTTPS value. Make sure our script htaccess is not modified by your web panel and stays intact as given. Also, make sure you are not using any ModSecurity and Firewall. Whitelist all processes of ModSecurity and Firewall on your installed script path and domain. Once everything is set, it’s very important to log out from script dashboard and do a clean installation. If you don’t log out then your session warning will be still stored in the browser. If your script support still active and If you still get this error after applying all solutions as suggested then you are asked to contact EVP Support. So we can investigate the issue and help you to fix the problem.
Warning Code: 104 — License aready in use. Please contact with EVP Support! You are trying to activate same license which is already active on our license management system for the same domain but at the same time, your installation lost license information too for warning code 103. We kindly request you to contact EVP Support. So we can reset your license so you can reactivate/install again.
500 Internal Server Error/ PHP Permission denied error / Unkown Error This error only appears when you upload all files in your web as a root user which causing file permission issue or there’s an incompatibility issue with script in your apache web server from VPS panel which you used. Make sure when you try to install or update script, all your files should be chowned by apache web user group and not as a root user. Because root user permitted files cannot be load by apache web group. Make sure there’s no jailchroot activated on your web user account. Folder needs to be in web user with permission of 755 and Files needs to be in web user with permission of 644 for php files.Try fixing user permission and see if that fix. To know in details what causing this 500 Internal Server Error you can check your apache web log for that specific domain. Because it will must generate a log on your server system for this error. Submit that log file in EVP Support panel so we can better explain you.
DATA MISMATCH! You are conflicting old files with new files. Delete everything, upload new files only and assign proper permissions on file and folder. Follow video installation guideline for proper installation.
License not valid Your are using wrong license code or using older files which do not use same validation api code on license validation servers. Try using latest files from your account download page.

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