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Ensure high inbox deliverability with Email Verifier Pro, a comprehensive email verification app. Seamlessly validate gmail, yahoo, hotmail, public and private domains email addresses, pinpoint temporary bounces, disposable emails, spam traps, and inactive addresses. Our innovative tool enhances your sending reputation, boosts email open rates, and maximizes resource efficiency, saving you valuable time and resources.

Uniquely designed, our email verification app optimizes costs by providing full access to the email validation and verification toolkit script. Unlike conventional pay-as-you-go solutions, our solution empowers you to take control of the process.

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How the Email verification app works

Why You will love our Excellent Email Verification App?

The email Verification app does not hold you only with easy bulk email validations and verifications service only. But it provides more useful features like managing your email leads beautifully, sending bulk campaign emails to your scanned leads, and even reselling scan services to others like top reputable companies using our SaaS license.

Saves Money

98% Accurate

User Friendly

Rich Features

More than you can wish with this perfect email verification app

Email verifier pro, the best email verification app provides a wide range of features and uses PHP as the core development language. This is why it is the Best Way to Validate Email Addresses. We are adding updates every month and listening to user ideas for extra improvement.

Monthly free features and updates.

Detail documentations.

User-suggestive roadmaps.

Dedicated support panel.

SaaS Features

Best App for starting Email SaaS Business

Get started with your email verification SaaS business right away with our awesome email verification app features.

Multi Bulk Scanning

Feature Controls

Free Addons

Background Scan Process scans while offline

You don’t have to wait and look up into screen all day to finish up your important email list. Just upload your list and press verify to start the background scan process, be notified once complete.

Email Marketing By mass email

It’s important to make sure your email reaches your customers. The inbuilt Send Email feature allows you to directly send emails to your potential customer’s validated email addresses only.

Email Verification App

Helping Over 1,000 Customers

Email Verifier Pro Licenses

Self-Host Regular


buy regular license for your own vps system to launch a single user bulk email verification system

No White Label

Lifetime Updates

6 Month Script Support

No Addons

Paid Installation Service (optional)

$299 / Lifetime

Most Popular

Self-Host SaaS


buy SaaS license for your own VPS system to launch a multi user members bulk email verification service

White Label

Lifetime Updates

Lifetime Script Support

SaaS Addons Pack

1 Year Free Installation Service

$799 / Lifetime

Self-Host SaaS


buy SaaS license for your own VPS system to launch a multi user members bulk email verification service

White Label

1 Year Updates

1 Year Script Support

SaaS Addons Pack

6 Month Free Installation Service

$599 / Year

Why Do You Need Our Bulk Email Verification Tool?

Save More

Every email validation service out there uses its pay-as-you-go credit system, where you are required to pay a lot of credits to verify and check the correct email address list. But in our email verification software, it is just a one-time purchase of script that can let you use it for a lifetime without having to pay any credits.

Resell As Service

If you own an active email verifier pro script SaaS license, then you will be able to sell email address validation services to others. It allows you not only to scan your bulk email address list but also helps generate money while you using it!

Secured Data

You might be uploading email lists to third-party services for scanning, how to be sure if they are not harvesting our uploaded client list data? Well… nobody can be sure of that! But with Email Verifier Pro, you install it in your own VPS system and only you are the rightful owner of it. We have no control over your email list data.



  • Is there a free trial or demo of the Email Verifier Pro email verification app?

    You can try our demo system to check our scanner accuracy and results. 

  • Is this script alternative to neverbounce and zerobounce?

    Yes, it's similar to neverbounce and zerobounce email verification services with admin control. But if you use our top-rated email verification app, You will never have to pay-as-you-go service. Rather you will own a personal email verification system without giving your valuable customer data lists to any third party. 

  • Do you provide VPS and Domain if I buy your Script?

    We do not provide VPS and Domains. These are needed to be managed and purchased by the customer. 

  • What happens when my yearly license subscription ends?

    Your license becomes deactivated and your scanner will no longer work. This do not apply on lifetime licenses. 

  • Do you provide free installation?

    The free installation comes only in packages where it is mentioned. Free installation is not available on a regular license but we have neat documentation which you can follow to do the installation. If you still require installation support for regular license app then you can purchase installation service here. Remember, installing Email Verifier Pro requires a bit of technical knowledge and understanding of how the LAMP system works. 

  • How are bugs being handled?

    We take any issues related to the Email Verifier Pro app system very seriously. If anything seems related to the script problem, we will fix it ASAP to release an updated version. Updates can be done automated through the user admin interface. 

  • Can I request custom features?

    You can suggest custom features that you think will be useful to have on Email Verifier Pro. We have an idea section where you can post your ideas. Click here 

  • Is there any API support?

    Yes. You can try it from demo and details are available in api documentation

  • Do you offer support?

    Yes, we provide support every day, excluding holidays! There's maybe 2 days delay between response times but it's rarely being seen. 

Email Verifier Pro

Bulk Email Verification and validation web application. Send a mass email to verified list and manage them.



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