Email Verifier Pro Affordable Server Recommendations

Our Email Verifier Pro offers Affordable Server Recommendations where you will find compatible servers and a control panel. We have worked properly and it has been tested. There may be more similar supported services but this is what we have tested so far and all our comments are based on the usability of the respective services. But kindly do your own research and check if your selected provider supports SMTP 25 port by default. From time to time, their policy and regulations can be changed. This list will be updated often. Some service providers may contain our affiliate link.

VPS Providers

Provider Comment
contabo_cvps Contabo is quite popular with its best pricing in the cloud industry with very competitive pricing with other top cloud VPS providers. Many email verifier pro customers use Contabo to use as an email verification system.
racknerd We are using RackNerd for our personal clients and Email Verifier Pro Upwork customers. Their support and Ryzen VPS are amazing. They support port 25 open and also have easy rDNS/PTR record setup.
digitalocean DigitalOcean cloud VPS is another great alternative where we have used EVP successfully. They have a large range of community guides and you can easily modify droplets for rDNS/PTR according to your set. Also, you will receive a $100 credit as a new user for 60 days. If you sign up through this page. According to DigitalOcean policy, they do not allow SMTP port 25 active on new user accounts. This limit may be lifted after 60 days by a manual request to them. Unless you have an old DigitalOcean account don’t bother using them.
inmotionhosting We have used inmotionhosting on EVP installation and their VPS/Dedicate server also works fine. As it comes with Cpanel/WHM you will need to disable mod_security and SMTP firewall to make port 25 accessible and the script to be working. For PTR/rDNS record configuration you can just inform their support.
virmach Virmach has been around for a long time and they have good support of Linux OS in KVM where EVP script works smoothly. We installed EVP successfully and used it on the PRO+ KVM package using Centos 7 with CWP panel. But all VPS should work. we recommend getting a KVM virtualization at least and not OpenVZ.

Control Panels

Provider Comment
We are using RackNerd for our personal clients and Email Verifier Pro Upwork customers. Their support and Ryzen VPS are amazing. They support port 25 open and also have easy rDNS/PTR record setup.
hestiacp HestiaCP is a lite panel that forked from vestaCP. This panel supports Debian and Ubuntu Os. It has a good active community. It comes with PHP-FPM. HestiaCP default mysql config needed to be modified to remove its timeout limits from SQL wait time. So Email Verifier Pro scripts bulk scan with long queries could run properly and not get an exit. It is a simple, fast, and easy-to-use panel.
cwp_logo We found this control panel very easy to use with so many services you can easily control and modify. It features accessibility similar to cpanel and it comes free and for a low price, you can use its pro features. PHP FPM is not available in the free version.
cpanel and whm Cpanel & WHM is a paid panel that may come as an addon based on your selected VPS provider. You can also manually install this if you have a license. It’s also user-friendly and EVP works on this too. However, you have to manually disable the SMTP firewall from WHM to enable Port 25 from the panel-side restriction.
cyberpanel Cyberpanel is a well-optimized panel based on openlitespeed in its free version. As it uses LiteSpeed PHP we recommend using Centos OS on your VPS instance if you plan to use this panel. This panel may cause php cron issues on other OS versions and you may be required to upgrade the Cron version manually, which is easier to follow in Centos.
virtualmin Virtualmin/Webmin is both available with paid and free versions. UI might not be so much friendly but it uses a very low amount of resources from the system as a backend panel. If you are a professional then it won’t be a trouble to understand UI and its features. But still, this is a very complicated panel to use and set up. Not recommended by us.

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