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Dear customers, We are here to clarify these to you. License wherever you purchase have a condition on them with support. If your license have lifetime then you can use script for lifetime. But that does not mean you have a lifetime support. We have both lifetime support and limited support, based on license you purchase from location you will get details from there. But regular license always comes with a limited 6 months support starting from purchase date. If you force us to receive support after license expiry then we are not oblige to provide any technical support to you as long as you are not renewing your support. If you create a support ticket in improper category without technical category then it will get closed. Whatsapp / script / email and general chat on codecanyon are not locations to provide any technical support, so you might not receive support from there too. Also, when you seek technical support on our support portal, you have to cooperate and wait for a response from us without forcing us to responding you faster. We have a terms and policy you can read through when you make a support ticket. We have a documentation which can guide you everything about script functions and installation process. Along side that we have a video guideline which can assists you with installations. You can also mention any bug / feedback on script in our public feedback page. We do not force users to purchase installation assistance from us or do not force users to reinstall their script every time, everything upto customers / users choice. We have already provided everything to you but still if you fails then you can seek technical persons assistance. It could be either us or anyone. A script which gets install and server lost, a user can detach their license from his email verifier pro account page to add in new location. If there still any questions which you do not understand than you are free to ask in comment box here.

Technical support page:

(Make sure to select Technical from category)

If your support expired and you would like to mention a bug / feedback. Then you can leave it on here:

Thank you for your cooperations.

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