Why Email Verifier Pro is the most professional email validation tool?

Email Verifier Pro is a professional email validation tool that allows you to do verifying the bulk list of email addresses and validating them in a background email scanning process and shows scan results with an easy-to-read report divided into multiple categories like valid, invalid, duplicates, unknown, and syntax error addresses. All verified clean email addresses can be downloaded as CSV or saved as a clean list in the database for later use from lead management. Which can be used for sending bulk emails to your clients and customers for email marketing purposes.

Why use- this professional email validation tool?

An Email Verifier like this professional email validation tool will help do a Cleaning Task On a Bulk List Of Email Addresses By Checking For Valid, Invalid, Duplicates, and Bounch Email Addresses without Sending Any Actual Email To Those Addresses. It Is Very Useful For Email Marketing Campaign. It Prevents Sending Your Email To Invalid Addresses By Validating With A Result Of Valid Email Addresses Only.

Which Can Prevent Wasting Resources And Money. As You Will Know Then Your Email Won’t Be Sent To Any Invalid/Unknown Addresses And It Won’t Be Blocked By Mail Service Provider. Spamming Mail Service Provider With Invalid Email Address May Cause IP Blacklist Without Cleaning With Email Verifier. But By Using this professional email validation tool you Will Save Time From Resolving IP Blacklist & Finding Valid Email Addresses Only For Your Email Lead Marketing. Even this sophisticated email validation to will help to check the correct email address in 2023.

Features of this professional email validation tool:

  • Easy Step By Step Installation Script and Well Written Documentation.
  • Simple & Beautiful Easy To Use Interface With Responsive Design In Mind.
  • Intelligent SMTP, DNS Checker For Mail Existence On Mail Service Provider.
  • Import & Export Bulk Email Addresses from CSV or Manually Write them Down To Start The Check.
  • Get Beautiful Categorized Chart Reports Of Valid, Invalid, Duplicates, Unknown, and Syntax Errors Addresses.
  • Automatically Store Analyzed Email Addresses In the Database OR Download the List As CSV.
  • Send Bulk Email To Your Imported List OR Specific Addresses.
  • Configure Bulk Email Sending Hourly Limit Based On Your Local Server Quota.
  • Sanitized to prevent XSS attacks and SQL Injection.
  • Dashboard For All Time Email Scan Statistics.
  • Automated Background Email Scanning Process.
  • Multi-User Role System.

Minimum requirements for using this excellent Professional email validation tool

  • Web Server: Apache/Nginx
  • PHP Version: 5.4+
  • MySQL / MariaDB Version: 5.6+ / 10+
  • Active PHP Functions: PHP Mail(), PHP Session.
  • Supported Browser with Javascript & Cookies Enabled to use professional email validation tool.
  • IE9 IE10 IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Any Cheap Linux VPS with rDNS point to host IP and 25 port open

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