Do you provide free installation service on my webserver?

We do provide free installation service for SaaS License users only. Even though our documentation is quite straightforward and very easy to follow.

But for Regular License users, there is a one-time installation advance service charge of $30. This includes configuration from your selected VPS level to installations of the script. Make sure your VPS meets our minimum system requirements and domain DNS is configured properly. If you are confused then we can set the DNS too. If you find the service charge is expensive then we ask you to follow our well-written documentation to configure email verifier pro script. Because email verifier pro script is meant to be configured and installed by the customer and not by us.

To provide a one-time installation service we will need this information and access:

  1. SSH Root Access Of VPS
  2. Login access of VPS Control Panel
  3. Domain DNS Panel Login Access

Once everything is ready please contact us using the support panel by creating a Technical Support Ticket and we will help you out!

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