Settings page allows configuring email verification system settings and all other settings related to email verifier pro and its add-ons. Before using send mail and email validation make sure to set up both of their settings so your email gets verified and send without any issues.

  1. Send Mail Setting –
    • Allow you to control outgoing email settings for bulk email marketing campaigns.
    • Email Amount: the total amount of email will be sent out from your SMTP mail server on a time limit set in your mailer crontab.
      Example: By default on the settings page Email Amount contains 100 outgoing email limits based on crontab time. If your host or SMTP server has a limit higher than 100 then you are free to modify this value based on your needs based on ‘Time x Email Amount‘ formula.
    • SMTP Connections: Set your outgoing SMTP connection data here for bulk email sending through that server.
  2. Registration & White Label Setting [EVP Members Addon]  –
    • Allows to disable and enable user registration on site.
    • Allows to change and modify site name and logo to completely white label and run as a SaaS system.
  3. Account Type Setting –
    • In account type settings you can manage and add any free account, role account or disposable email domain on your own even if not provided by us.
  4. Product Listing Setting [EVP Credit Store] –
    • In product listing setting you can manage product package data which you plan to sell to your customers.
    • All created product listing data will be visible on Credits page only if “EVP Paypal Standard Addon” is active. [as of version 3.1.0]
  5. Scan Mail Setting –
    • It is recommended to set a Scan From Email address for “Quick Verification” and Bulk Verification on “My List” system to work properly. This email address needs to be created on the same host webmail.
    • SMTP Scan Port is being used for creating socket connection to the target scanning mail server. Default common server value is 25.
    • Scan Time Out Per Email is being used to control delay in seconds between each email address scan waiting time. Default recommended value is 10.
    • Total Email To Batch Process is being used to control amount of email addresses that should be queried between each SQL call from the server. Default recommended value is 10
  6. Cost Setting [EVP Credit Store] –
    • Estimated Cost Saved Per Email allows you to set an estimated amount of cost it can charge for a customer to scan an email address based on third-party competitor price.
    • Cost Per Address Scan is a fee customer pays for verifying an email address.
  7. Payment Setting [EVP Credit Store] –
    • Billing System: Enable billing to activate SaaS system.
    • Payment Processing Addon: This allows you to select a payment gateway that will be used for purchasing credits.
  8. License Details –
    • Allows you to monitor your active license status, deactivation and reactivation of license.
  9. Debugger –
    • At present you can debug SMTP Send Mail connection test, Paypal IPN response (system debug). Enabling either of them will start processing debug outputs in script public_html/logs folder.
      Once debugging complete. Don’t forget to delete files related to debug log as they contain sensitive informations

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