Paypal Standard Payment Gateway Addon

Adds in Paypal Standard Payment gateway support for EVP Wallet System addon.

Provides access to Paypal IPN Debug and Paypal Sandbox for debugging purposes.

Paypal IPN Debug: Enabling will write PayPal IPN response in ipn.log file at /public_html/tmp/logs/ folder. Make sure to remove any log data from logs folder in a production server. As it may contain sensitive information.

Paypal Sandbox: This allows a developer to test a payment processing checkout using a sandbox paypal account without making any real purchase. More info.

To configure Paypal standard payment properly, adjust these settings in your Paypal account:

1. Visit website payment preference 

Enable both options as image.

Auto return -> ON:

Payment Data Transfer-> ON

2. Set IPN as explained before like this image :

Make sure Message Delivery is active. IPN URL is not recommended to be correct as proper IPN URL gets sent through a form submission by default through EVP Paypal Addons which overrides it. But if required. Then set direct IPN URL:

3. Disable Review each payment before completing/confirming [If Enable]

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