How to migrate my existing setup to different server?

If you do migration instead of fresh install then these are recommended steps to keep notice and adjust.

  1. Before migration, you have to deactivate your license from the existing installed script setting page. If you fail to do this at first step then you have to ask us for deleting installation history.
  2. Uploading all files are done as a panel/apache web user to your new server. Many users mistakenly upload them as ssh Root user and mess up folders/files permissions and wonders around why the script causing problems.
  3. Remember to restore this file to default or copy it from the original file /db/.lic whenever you migrate from the previous setup. If you use older files.
  4. Delete license activation file created on random numbers/char from /functions/ folder path.
  5. As always, proper database file configurations and add that new database information (user, name, pass) within /db/db.cnf.php file. If you don’t do this then you will receive a connection fail to database/access denied/database don’t exist error.
  6. Make sure your database script_path, site_url, app_url option_value are properly set on evp_options table based on the new system path.

If you change your domain name and not only the server. Then you have to request us for resetting your activation history. EVP allows only one active installation on any active system.

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