Step 1 – System Check

A complete step by step from full server to email verifier script configuration and installation video walkthrough available here.

At the very first step of install, it will cross-check existing server compatibility with the script to ensure the highest compatibility. Also, it will do auto check at system detection if your HOST port 25 is open for making outbound connections. If it shows Block. Then don’t bother to install it unless you have an outbound result as Open. Only start installing If you see all SMTP ports 25 open like this above image then you are good to go! If you see something RED then make sure you have it supported and enabled. Please recheck Minimum Requirements support to run this script and make sure it’s all active and enabled on your server & browser before proceeding with the installation. If you see MySQL version check skipped at system check in localhost then not to worry, it will get check during database connection test at step 2.

Add in your purchased product license and email information from Envato to verify your purchase. Then proceed to step 2.

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