EVP Wallet System Addon

Payment Settings #

Activating this addon activates Payment settings on Wallet System Settings page where allows admin to enable/disable Wallet System. Enabling Wallet System activates access to store Product Listing Settings and Cost Settings.

Payment Gateway Addons #

More options visible from each available selected Payment Gateway Addon.

Product Listing Setting #

Product Listing provides access to create customized product packages for selling to customers and managing existing product items.

Manual Credits Top-up #

Activating this addon provides access to the User Management manual credits top up feature. Admin gets the capability to add and deduct credits manually for a user. To deduct credits simply use subtract “-” sign before credit amount.

Credits – Purchase #

Shows all custom product packages and allows customers to make purchases using selected payment gateway addons.

Credits – Orders #

Credits page won’t be visible as long as Wallet System is active from Payment Settings. If you are a developer then you can create your own addon functions within addons_functions.php and make your own Custom Payment Addon.

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