Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we do provide technical support. if you are having any issues with installation or using the script. Then please feel free to contact by support panel and we will try to resolve that problem for you.

But we do not provide any technical support with integration of script involvement with your VPS or your existing web control panel, as it can be using any control panel third-party software and customization needs to be done from your side following our common issues and troubleshooting documentation. Because we are selling the script. But each control panel works differently in terms of PHP version, apache version, and MySQL version. Our scripts minimum requirements are already given. Though if you still face some minor issues from your web server then some adjustments may require, which needs to be handled by the user. If you feel unsafe following documentation or want us to completely set up your VPS till script installation, then you may contact us for one-time installation custom paid support. Which costs $30. This one-time installation service comes free for an SaaS Lifetime License user for upto 6 month.

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