Email Campaign

Email Campaign, allows you to create a campaign for sending bulk emails to your prescanned email list. Only valid email addresses will be assigned to a campaign.

It’s mandatory not to use any FAKE SMTP SERVER DETAILS and use a real smtp server details that exists. Otherwise your bulk emails will not be send out.

Able to use Email Campaign feature, first you have to assign a crontab task value in your control panel or server crontab config for scheduler.campaign.php. We recommend using 1-hour execution cron scheduling time. Replace with your domain name.


You can assign Email Limit for outgoing email based on crontab time. If your host or SMTP server has a limit higher limit for bulk sending than you can adjust this value based on ‘Time x Email Limit‘ formula.

In List Validation page select or create a new Tagged List and assign your verified scanned file to it. Once it’s done you will be able to see your assigned tag name. Then move forward to Email Campaigns and add all fields data for your new campaign and select your Email List which you tagged previously.

Campaign will get created only with valid email addresses and you can see it on Campaign List. After that click start and trigger status processing.

Once your campaign is finished, you will receive a system email to your admin account. Otherwise, if you have a huge number of emails to be sent then you can still see the total number of email which has been sent successfully and left to be sent. Also, you can delete completed campaign. By deleting a campaign it will delete existing created campaign data only, and it will not remove any scanned file data. Below you will find a complete process of how to create a campaign.

If there any questions or if you are stuck then please don’t hesitate to contact our support panel. 🙂

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