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Step 3 – Finalization

This is the final step to create your login user account. Just simply input in a name, username, email address and password with at least 6 digit and click “Complete”. After this, your installation will be completed and you will be redirected to login page.


Once Installation is complete and you are at the login page. Make sure to delete install.php and script zip file from via cpanel / filemanager to keep your installation secured from any attackers or stealing confidential data.



Background – Tasker Cron Job:

Once its done, you have to create a 10 or 30 minutes cron job for following file path in your web panel or crontab to activate scan to run in background and check the process always.

*/10 * * * * your_php_binary curl your_installation_path_url/functions/tasker.php

*minutes can be vary based on your server process run timeout. As some host side limits, apache background continues process runtime. Best is to keep it between 10 to 30 minutes.

You can find PHP Binary location through SSH by using command line

whereis php

Also, this your_php_binary  is not required at all if you have an easy-to-use web panel like cpanel or centos web panel. As it adds it automatically or tells you the formula already.


Here is a sample of Background Tasker Crontab in CentosWeb Panel which using EVP installation in a subfolder evpscan:


Remember: Failing to assign tasker crontab may interrupt your scan process from running for longer periods of time if you have not done your server configuration accordingly to this documentation.