What type of server or environment required for this script to run?

We recommend Linux KVM VPS with at least 2GB Ram and 2Ghz CPU with at least 30GB SSD/Nvme disk. Though this script does not require a lot of server resources if you plan to use it as a single user or as a 5 people team. But if you run too many processes for a long time and using it as a SaaS, you might need more CPU and Ram with Dedicated VPS resources. Remember email verifier pro won’t work on shared or reseller hosting because you won’t be able to modify some server-side file to have performance optimization, suppose if needed to run the script at a longer period of time to scan a large number of email addresses but in those type of shared/reseller server resources is capped or being limited from the host side. Also, you won’t get root access for modifying server side configurations as recommended on minimum requirements. You can use a free panel like control web panel, tinycp and cyberpanel. Paid control panel like Cpanels and Plesk panel also works. You cannot use this script on your localhost machine, on a system like windows. As your local amp software may load a different path than unix path. Also, localhost machine PC doesn’t come with rDNS/PTR record configured and port 25 access. So do not bother installing and trying to test functionality on applications like MAMP, XAMPP, etc.

If you require VPS suggestions at an affordable price, then you can check out our suggested provider from the recommendation list. Many of our clients use them.

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