List Validation

Before using any scan feature. It is recommended that you set up your Settings panel first. Otherwise, scanner won’t work properly.

Bulk list verification CSV file only supports which has Email column only. So kindly make sure about it file which you are importing has only one column Email.
Keeping any other columns may corrupt email data importing. In future updates, we may support the Name and Company column field also.

After adding a csv list, it will automatically clear out duplicated email addresses and will enter only unique one into the database for scanning.

Clicking on verify button will make start the verification process in background. Only one verification process will stay active at a time per user account!

Once verification gets complete, user can see a verified scan data layout like this with a new Assign A Tag List (2) button

  1. Download: Allows you to download verified results in different filtering and exports as CSV format file.
  2. Tag icon button: This allows you to create a new tag or select an existing tag for your completed scan list. You can also clear tag if already assigned on a list. It works as a custom segment creation. You should only use it once a list scanning has been completely finished.
  3. Trash bin icon button: Allow you to delete target CSV data. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered.


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