EVP Credits Store Addon

Payment Settings

Activating this addon activates EVP Credits Store setting on Settings page where allows admin to enable/disable Billing System. Enabling Billing System activates access to selecting a Payment Processing Gateway for billing customers and activates Product Listing Setting.

Product Listing Setting

Product Listing provides access to create customized product packages for selling to customers.

Manual Credits Top-up

Activating this addon provides access to the User Management manual credits top up feature. Admin gets the capability to add and deduct credits manually for a user. To deduct credits simply use subtract “-” sign before credit amount.

Credits Store

Shows all custom product packages and allows customers to make purchases. Also, all verified purchases get stored in the order history area.

Credit page won’t show any custom packages in Buy Credit as long as you do not activate a Payment Gateway Addon. So it’s better to activate our Paypal Standard Addon alongside EVP Credit Store Addon. If you are a developer then you can create your own addon functions within addons_functions.php and make your own Custom Payment Addon.

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